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Use digital information screens to promote your brand image, disseminate information and enhance your public areas and work spaces.    

Create eye catching dynamic displays combining branding, images, video windows, animation, text and RSS  ticker tape feeds to get your message through to any audience. Klicktv digital information screen solutions are easy to use, cost effective and flexible. One self-contained Digital Signage Player is all that is needed to create and play your own programme of content changing by the minute, by the hour or by the day with live TV inserts and live feeds of news and other information. Dynamic schedules can be set weeks in advance but still be changed at a moment’s notice.    

Signage creation software using templates makes the design process quick, non-technical and easy to change. Once designed, different areas of the display can be updated securely by nominated individuals via the web browser of their network connected device.    

To link a single Digital Signage Player to multiple digital information screens choose from the options here.

Klicktv Digital information screen solutions are based around the industry leading OneLan range of products with solutions for all types of screen-based communications requirements including retail, advertising networks, corporate communications, education, health, public information screens and hospitality.