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HDMI over IP benefits
The Klicktv HDMI over IP system is a highly cost effective solution to the distribution of high resolution TV and media content from HDMI or DVI or VGA sources over Cat 5 or fibre optic structured cabling. The system provides a unique combination of the highest image quality, scalability, flexibility and control.

Benefits include:
  • Large scale high resolution video and audio distribution with no visible lag between source and display
  • Distributes DVI and HDMI sources of all types and resolutions including HDCP protected sources (e.g. Sky box) and 3D alternate frame format.
  • Scalable to hundreds of HDMI or DVI input sources and display screens or monitors.
  • Uses standard Cat5 network cable infrastructure with one cable per display.
  • Compact receiver powered over Cat5 cable and with HDMI output attaches to the rear of a display screen making Klicktv hdmi-ip easy to install.
  • Source displayed on any screen is controlled by browser interface from any network device with UN/PW protected access.
  • Visually lossless transmission free from video and audio delay and echo.
  • Instant, seamless switching between sources.
  • No distance limitations for viewing points or sources.
  • Compact 19” rack mount headend.
  • HDMI over IP equipment is all Linux based.
  • A Klicktv HDMI over IP system can be supplied as a fully preconfigured stand-alone system for quick and easy installation.
  • Ideal for mirroring PC screen or MAC screen content onto multiple remote monitors.
  • Highly modular and readily expandable at any stage.
  • Embedded Video Wall option.
  • Option for stereo audio output (3.5mm) on Transmitter and Receiver .           
  • SDI input option.
  • 2 year warranty.

We recognize that every business is unique - contact us to find out the full extent of the benefits Klicktv HDMI over IP could deliver for you.

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The Klicktv HDMI over IP system offers cost effective, large scale, high resolution, low latency video distribution over any distance cat5/ fibre with easy control more


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