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etx capital

ETX Capital is a financial services company specialising in the provision of multi-asset and multi-market derivative dealing capability through CFDs and spread betting products. For ETX professionals, the timely and reliable availability of financial markets data and wider news flow is a business critical issue.

When ETX Capital were planning to relocate to their current offices at One Broadgate, London EC2, they identified the need for a new AV solution; one that could run seamlessly and reliably across multiple display screens and from multiple channels. Their existing system was constrained, inflexible and clumsy.

When looking around for specialist assistance, ETX enquired of colleagues in their industry sector and Klicktv was recommended by a customer with whom we had worked in the past.

The key requirements for the new system were:

  • Sources: 2x terrestrial TV channels, 3x Sky channels (incl. CNBC and Bloomberg), 3-4 PC generated channels.
  • Capacity for expansion to a total of 12 sources.
  • Displays: up to 24 TV screens.
  • The option to display any source on any screen.
  • Use of cat5e/6 structured cabling.
  • Images should be of sufficiently high resolution to display WUXGA 1920 x 1200 PC screen data.
Klicktv initially presented two solutions for consideration - Klicktv IPTV and Klicktv Matrix.

The IPTV solution had the flexibility and scalability required but was not cost effective for ETX and the Klicktv Matrix solution, which is based on the distribution of HDMI over Cat 5e/6 cabling, was considered too inflexible.

In an effort to meet budgetary constraints compromises were explored such as the separate distribution of TV and PC content and the possibility of splitting display screens into groups which display the same content at the same time.  The problem with these solutions was the extent to which they compromised the requirement to display any source on any screen.

We then explored the option of using the analogue Klicktv Connect system. The 16x32 switch in this range can be configured to accept a mixture of VGA inputs and composite video + audio inputs. With these two different types of inputs the display screen has to be switched between VGA and composite inputs by RS232 signals from a controlling PC. This option was in budget but the solution was technically awkward and not readily expanded should the need arise.

The final option evaluated was the Klicktv hdmi-ip system which at the time was in its final stages of development. Unlike an IPTV solution it has a managed Ethernet switch at its core, connected to HDMI encoders (one per source) and HDMI receivers (one per display screen). VLANS configured on the switch are used to provide a switch matrix function. The system is expandable incrementally to support hundreds of sources and displays if required. TV sources are displayed in High Definition 1080P (taking a HDMI output from the source) and PC sources are likewise displayed in High Definition 1080P (taking a DVI output from the source). Control of the system is via a Klicktv hdmi-ip Controller connected to the core switch. The Controller provides an easy-to-use user interface accessed via the browser of any network connected

The essential features for ETX were:
  • Fully digital system
  • Full HD (1080P) display quality enables the display of PC generated spread sheets with 1920 x 1200 resolution with clarity
  • Distributes live market data feeds across multiple screens
  • Complete flexibility of which screens can display which source
  • Centralised control via the browser of any network connected PC
  • Incrementally expandable to any number of sources and display screens
  • Receivers are connected over a single Cat6 cable
  • Accepts either HDMI or DVI inputs from PCs and terrestrial/ satellite receivers
  • The price for an initial 16 source x 24 receiver system was within budget and the system can be expanded simply by connecting more receivers to spare data switch ports.

Post Script :
ETX subsequently installed a second Klicktv hdmi-ip system in the offices of another company which they acquired.