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A Klicktv IPTV system built around Exterity IPTV products leverages the investment in your data network to produce a TV and video distribution solution with an unmatched combination of scalability and flexibility.

  • Distributes live or pre-recorded TV and video/audio over an existing or separate data network.
  • Distribution to any number of viewing points - TV display screens/ PCs/ MACs.
  • Capacity for hundreds of TV and video channels.
  • Standard Definition / High Definition channels (to 1080P) displayed automatically.
  • Digital quality consistent across all viewing points.
  • Administrative control of which channels are accessible at any viewing point.
  • Customisable user interface for corporate branding.
  • Flexible, controllable Digital Signage options.
  • No additional hardware, cabling or power required at PC viewing points.
  • Office moves and changes become simple, quick and non-technical.
  • No distance limitations on viewing points.
  • Manageable bandwidth requirements.
  • Does not compromise network security.
  • Highly modular and readily expandable at any stage.
  • Compact, efficient, robust, Linux based equipment saves space and energy.
  • Continuous or scheduled recording of live TV with access to recorded programmes on demand - Video on Demand - VoD.
  • Distribute channels over WAN links for viewing at remote sites.
  • Create your own Video On Demand library for training and reference
  • Catchup TV -  access to up to 7 days of channel recordings from the EPG

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We are IPTV distribution specialists and a long standing Exterity StreamForce Platinum Partner. Click here to explore our IPTV solutions.

Klicktv iptv 40
Klicktv iptv 40

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