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When TV shopping channel QVC wanted to expand their TV distribution facility to cover new floors, they realised their existing cable-based television system was unable to cope with the 40,000sq ft expansion so they started looking for alternative technology and contacted several companies including Klicktv for proposals.

QVC were initially interested in TV distribution as Audio/Video over Cat5 cabling, but they expanded their range of options to include IPTV after speaking to Klicktv who were able to offer both solutions. QVC elected to go for an IPTV solution running over a separate data network, but leaving the option for integration with their existing corporate data network in the future. Klicktv provided a complete integrated solution, supplying the IPTV system, the data network and carrying out the necessary work on their existing signal reception head end to integrate the new system.

QVC’s business requirement is for access to a wide range of TV channels at a large number of viewing points. A Klicktv IPTV solution was installed with a Freeview TV Gateway capable of streaming all six multiplexes and 21 MPEG2 encoders to stream the outputs of local studios, sales data sources and Set Top Boxes for reception of encrypted Sky channels. The system has the capacity for more than 50 channels and will support an unlimited number of TV screens. IPTV receivers connect TV screens to the data network and to get maximum benefit from the technology, QVC opted for POE variants which means power is supplied over the data network cable obviating the need for mains power and reducing cable clutter at the TV screen.

When QVC expand to their next floor, they will simply add further network switches to their data network and more IP receivers wherever they need more TV screens.

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When premier TV channel Setanta Sports moved to their new premises in the Chiswick Business Park, they wanted to escape the constraints of their old coaxial based TV distribution system and take advantage of the Cat6 flood wired cabling infrastructure at their new premises.

They also wanted to ensure that their investment in a TV distribution system was future proofed with flexibility for reconfiguration as required, easily expanded and upgradeable to accommodate technological advances.

Klicktv proposed its IPTV solution based around Exterity products as the best option to meet Setanta’s requirements. A new data network was to be sourced as a part of the relocation project and this was specified to be multicast enabled with Power over Ethernet (POE) to support line powering of IP Telephone handsets and IPTV receivers, minimizing the requirement for the installation of additional mains outlets at telephone and TV points.

Klicktv installed two satellite antennae to receive transmissions from Astra 2 and Hotbird feeding encoding equipment in the comms room. Setanta currently stream 15 channels via 5 triadaptor encoders to numerous TV screens and PCs - the facility to view TV channels on individual PCs was identified as a key benefit of IPTV, improving the efficiency of the organization’s work process.

From this point Setanta can cater for all eventualities - when more channels are needed they can be added without disruption by simply installing the appropriate streaming equipment and when more TV screens or PCs are needed they are just connected to the nearest data network outlet.

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Klicktv previously installed a TV distribution system in the London City Point offices of international bank Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW), one of the five largest banks in Germany. The requirement was for 16 traders to have access to up to 16 news channels with the channels displayed as windows on the dealers' PC screens. In addition LBBW wanted a system which operated over spare structured cabling which was already installed. Klicktv supplied a TV over Cat5 system which distributes TV as Audio/Video signals over Cat5 cabling and the system operated satisfactorily for several years.

When LBBW came to expand its dealer room to more than double its size, Klicktv suggested an IPTV solution as an alternative to the incremental expansion of the TV over Cat5 system. The benefits were clear: support for an unlimited number or users, choice of more channels, control of which channels are streamed and more straightforward user moves by eliminating the need for repatching structured cabling and moving receivers. Quality was improved and because there were fewer satellite and Freeview receivers, a much more compact comms room installation resulted.

The final installation comprised Klicktv TV Gateways to receive both Freeview terrestrial channels and Hotbird satellite channels and MPEG2 encoders to provide access to encrypted channels from Sky. Control of the entire system is by a browser based, password protected, management interface from any PC.

A network switch providing IGMP query function was added to the network and the TV streams were configured to coexist with Bloomberg and Reuters streaming news services.

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Marshland High School is a Specialist
Science College for 12-15 year olds. The school wanted to install TV screens about the school campus as a means of communicating with both students and visitors. For the students, the school wanted to be able to post information about what was going on during the day, any changes to the school timetables and progress on various school projects. For visitors, they wanted to promote the school and its achievements and highlight the many benefits Marshland High offers. On top of this they wanted the ability to use the screens for TV and video distribution on occasions.

Marshland researched the market and eventually contacted Klicktv to discuss which solution might best meet their needs.

The solution identified as the most appropriate comprised a Digital Signage Player connected to the dozen required TV displays using IPTV streaming technology.

Klicktv set up a demonstration of the system for the Headmaster, senior staff and IT department so they could see exactly how it worked.

The Digital Signage Player facilitates the production of eye catching dynamic displays combining branding, images, video windows, live TV inserts, animation, text and live ticker tape feeds to get a message through to any audience.

Templates make the design process quick, non-technical and easy to change. Creation of content and control of playback is via a web based interface. Individual screen areas can be assigned separate username/ password access. Typically this feature is used to enable a receptionist to post messages in a designated area of the display to greet and inform visitors.

From the outset Marshland identified the need to make the screen content interesting to ensure students wanted to look at the screens as they passed. This was cleverly done by including a window within the overall screen composition to display the live output of a web cam installed inside a bird nesting box in the school grounds. Students enjoyed keeping an eye on the progress of the chicks and their feeding antics.

Klicktv supplied a complete working system - Digital Signage Player, IPTV streaming equipment, wall mounted TV screens complete with acrylic screen protectors and training.