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Klicktv hdmi-cat5 40                                     HDMI over cat5 Benefits
The Klicktv hdmi-cat5 system offers an ideal solution for commercial applications where it is required to share resources, save space, maximize security, eliminate noise, reduce cabling and optimize aesthetic appeal by having nothing more than a TV display screen on view.

The Klicktv hdmi-cat5 solution is based around Wyrestorm HDMI over Cat5e/6 products and provides a highly functional solution for the distribution of High Definition TV and media sources over UTP Cat5e/6 cabling to up to multiple display screens. The required source can be selected and then controlled from the display screen.

  • Switch sizes available are 4x4 to 16x16 (inputs x outputs).
  • For added versatility and the connection of local HDMI input equipment, there are HDMI outputs on the switch matrix which mirror the UTP outputs.
  • HDMI V1.3b compliant.
  • HDCP compliant.
  • Support for 1080p, 1080i, 720p and other standard video formats.
  • Each port supports HDMI or DVI inputs.
  • Five switching modes: panel buttons, local IR, IR from viewing point, RS485 and Ethernet.
  • 4 x IR emitters supplied for routed IR control of source devices from the viewing point.
  • Key locking facility to prevent accidental operation.
  • Standard 19” rack mount.
  • EDID self-learning facility.
  • Supports 1080p up to 100M.
  • 1x UTP Cat5e/6 cable to each display.
  • Data rates up to 6.75Gbits in support of 1080P display.

We recognize that every business is unique - contact us to find out the full extent of the benefits Klicktv hdmi-cat5 could deliver for you.