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JCA is a building engineering and technology services company, specialising in engineering, maintenance, building refurbishment and technology solutions for business.

When JCA were relocating to their new offices in Stevenage they identified the need to display different types of media on multiple large display screens in their new technology showcase area.

Content for the screens was to be largely generated by PCs located in a central equipment room and UTP cabling infrastructure to Cat6 standard was already installed throughout the area.

JCA contacted Klicktv for advice on how best to connect the PC sources to the display screens in order to produce the highest quality pictures with the ability to control which source was displayed on which screen.

The pros and cons of the different Klicktv systems were discussed and JCA soon arrived at the conclusion that a 16x16 Klicktv hdmi-cat5 system (with capacity for 16 sources and 16 screens) would be the best fit for their requirements.

The key features for JCA were:

  • Fully digital system
  • Compatible with installed cabling infrastructure (the longest Cat6 cable run was less than 70M) and only a single Cat6 cable required for each display
  • Highest quality 1080P display of PC source content
  • Easy control of the source displayed on each screen using a single global RC handset operated from any screen or the Klicktv Matrix rack mounted switch matrix itself
  • Accepts either DVI or HDMI inputs from PCs and terrestrial/ Sky receivers including licenced and HDCP protected channels.
  • 1x HDMI connection to the display
  • Optimum price/ performance
  • 2 year warranty

The Klicktv hdmi-cat5 system was supplied for self-installation.