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The Klicktv Prism solution uses HDMI-IP technology to produce a cost effective solution for large scale high resolution video with audio distribution with no visible lag between source and display. Klicktv Prism utilises data streaming over an integral dedicated data network to distribute any number of HDMI or DVI or VGA sources to any number of remote display screens or monitors at any distance over standard cat5 or fibre optic infrastructure. HDMI sources are encoded as data streams which are routed through the integral data network as directed by an easy-to-use customisable web interface which controls which source or stream is displayed on which display screen. Klicktv HDMI over IP systems are built around Just Add Power™ HDMI-IP encoding and decoding devices.


Inputs can be any combination of DVI or HDMI sources with or without HDCP protection such as PCs, MACs, satellite receivers, Freeview receivers, media players, Blue Ray players, Sky HD receivers in resolutions from 720P to 1080P. VGA sources are connected via a VGA/HDMI convertor.

The Klicktv hdmi-ip system is ideal for PC screen mirroring where it is required to replicate the image on different PC/ MAC screens onto many remote display screens or monitors without delay and with control of which source is displayed on which screen. 

The Klicktv hdmi-ip system can be thought of as a highly scalable and controllable HDMI over IP matrix with any number of HDMI or DVI inputs in resolutions up to 1080P and any number of HDMI outputs.


In detail...

Sources are connected directly to the 19” rack mount system Headend which comprises HDMI over IP encoders or transmitters, a custom designed stack of data network switches and a system Controller. Remote sources such as an HD camera are connected by a small line powered (PoE) HDMI over IP transmitter co-located with the source and connected via a single Cat5e/6 cable to the data network switches. HD display screens are connected via a small line powered (PoE) HDMI over IP receiver which connects via a single Cat5e/6  cable to the data network switches and presents an HDMI output to the display screen. The system comprises robust Linux based appliances which restart automatically after power cycling.

The source displayed on any screen/ monitor is selected by an easy-to-use customisable web interface. Where control is required from a device on the customer’s network the Controller isolates the Klicktv hdmi-ip network from the customer’s network.

The Klicktv hdmi-ip data network is designed and constructed following conventional best-practice and the TCP/IP packet data streamed from the transmitters therefore benefit from robust reliable and consistent connectivity and immunity from the skew, distance, interference and resolution issues that can affect traditional HDMI extenders and baluns. Furthermore, the use of conventional data network building techniques allows for the design of a network which can span any distance between the Headend and display points. Where the Cat5e/6 cabling to any particular screen connects back to a patch panel in a remote network distribution point or wiring closet, the Klicktv hdmi-ip network can be extended to that point by installation of a Klicktv hdmi-ip network switch adjacent to the patch panel. The remote Klicktv hdmi-ip switch is connected to the core switch at the Headend by whatever structured cabling infrastructure is available - copper or fibre.

HDMI signals transmitted across the network are decoded back to1080p video at the display in real-time with zero detectable latency and visually lossless HDMI video quality. Switching between sources of the same resolution is instant and seamless and the speed of switching between sources of different resolutions is only limited by the capability of the display to adjust to the new resolution. HDCP authentication handshakes are handled independently between the transmitter/ receiver and source/display.


Klicktv hdmi-ip is supplied as a complete stand-alone system built to a customer’s requirements and fully preconfigured ready for installation. Installation involves mounting the Headend in a 19” rack, patching in the appropriate Cat5e/6 cables, connecting receivers, sources and display screens. Installation can be carried out by any competent technician and is backed up by Klicktv’s remote installation support service and comprehensive documentation. Klicktv also offers a full installation service for those organisations which do not have the necessary resources.