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Klicktv IPTV systems are built around Exterity IPTV products to produce high functionality single vendor end-to-end IPTV distribution solutions with guaranteed interoperability of all components and unrivalled manageability and support. Exterity IPTV products are robust, secure Linux based appliances which integrate seamlessly to produce reliable, easy to use IPTV streaming solutions for the distribution of live and on-demand TV and video over a data network, LAN or WAN to an unlimited number of viewing points. Klicktv is a long standing Exterity StreamForce Platinum Partner and we have supplied leading edge Exterity IPTV solutions to numerous organisations, many of which are household names.

Exterity IPTV features:
  • Administrator control of which channels are accessible at any particular viewing point
  • EPG only displays the channels available at any particular viewing point
  • A single remote control handset controls all user system functions and display screen functions such as power on/off
  • Customisable user interface for organisation branding
  • Flexible, controllable signage and messaging
  • No additional hardware, cabling or power required at PC/ MAC viewing points with Active Directory log-on integration
  • Highly modular and readily expandable at any stage
  • Compact robust space saving professional modular equipment installation comprising  hot-swappable linux based low power appliances
  • Sophisticated failover functionality for critical applications
  • Distribute channels over WAN links for viewing at remote sites
  • Extensive range of SD and HD encoders (to 1080P) accept inputs: S-Video, SD Component, HD Component, RGBS, RGBHV, HD AV, SD SDI, HD SDI, 3G SDI
  • Range of SD/HD IPTV receivers with HDMI output and POE option. Options for additional VLAN network ports (eg for IP Telephony) and analogue outputs -HD component, SD composite, SD S-Video + stereo audio (for legacy display screens)
  • Transcoding option for inter-site links and streaming media applications
  • Multiviewer displays multiple channels on one display screen
  • Powerful centralised management accessed via the web browser of any network connected device including remote devices provides:
  • Centralised view of equipment status and channel status.
  • Manage and control IPTV devices and software clients.
  • Automatic discovery of IPTV devices.
  • Schedule or use external events to trigger actions on IPTV devices organisation-wide including control display screen power on/off.
  • Set multiple receivers to channel and volume or on/off status instantly or at scheduled times.
  • Programme system actions according to external triggers.
  • Remote access to all system management functions.
  • Control user access to applications and content.
  • Monitor the health of all Exterity IPTV devices and software clients on your network.

Klicktv offers two different approaches to Exterity IPTV implementation - adding IPTV to an existing data network or providing a separate data network exclusively for IPTV connectivity.

Customer data network implementation of Exterity IPTV

In the example schematic below an existing multicast enabled corporate data network provides the required network connectivity for IPTV distribution.

A single 1U 19” rack mount Exterity IPTV gateway accepts a terrestrial aerial / satellite input and can stream all the SD and HD Free To Air Freeview TV and radio channels. Exactly which channels are streamed is determined by the system administrator who also has control of which channels can be accessed at any particular viewing point. Additional channels from local sources such as Digital Signage players, PC outputs or cameras are added by attachment to Exterity IPTV encoders.

An Exterity IPTV receiver is required for each TV screen. The connection to the screen is via HDMI and there is the facility to control TV power on/off with a single Exterity RC handset via an RS232 interface to the TV.

An optional Exterity management server provides comprehensive management and monitoring of all IPTV equipment with a single page display of the status of all equipment. There is also the option to add a customised user interface, an EPG for users to browse for channel selection, the facility to create information pages navigable via the remote control handset, Video on Demand access to a library of content and the facility to record multiple live channels simultaneously.

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Stand-alone network implementation of Exterity IPTV

A Klicktv stand-alone IPTV system package supplied preconfigured and tested ready to plug in to your existing Cat5 cabling provides all the benefits of Exterity IPTV in a self-contained solution operating alongside but independently of your existing data network. This can be advantageous in certain circumstances - it provides isolation from a corporate network to comply with an organisation’s security policy, it is a known quantity for support and it offers the option for cost effective remote support via VPN access. A dedicated network typically comprises a central switch to which Exterity IPTV streaming equipment and local viewing points are connected and remote switches in wiring closets and remote buildings where necessary to reach remote viewing points.

Functionality is the same as for a customer network implementation except that PC viewing via customer network connected PCs is not possible.

If you decide in the future to integrate the system into your existing network, your entire investment is rolled over into the integrated solution.

Klicktv stand-alone Exterity system packages are designed for installation by any competent technician with comprehensive documentation and unlimited remote installation support. Klicktv also offers an installation service for those organisations which do not have the necessary resources.

Exterity StreamForce_Platinum

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