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TV distribution for Campuses
Whether your requirements are for straightforward Freeview TV and radio channels distribution over Cat 5e/6 cabling to TV screens in student halls or for multilingual satellite channels, presentation broadcasting, recording, archiving and playback on demand to both TV screens and PC/MACS - there is a Klicktv system for you.  

The Klicktv RF over cat5  system is a highly cost-effective solution to the distribution of Freeview Terrestrial TV and radio channels over a single Shielded Cat5e/6 cable to each TV screen. You can also add a handful of locally generated channels such as information channels. From the user’s perspective the TV is operated in the same way as a domestic digital TV with channel selection via EPG and remote control. Your local channels appear in the EPG too.  

For a feature-rich, flexible and expandable solution free from distance limitations, the Klick IPTV system distributes live and pre-recorded TV and video as data streams over either your existing data network or a separate IPTV network to an unlimited number of viewing points. Wherever you have a data network outlet - student rooms, communal areas, staff accommodation, lecture theatres, you can connect a TV or a PC/Mac to display channels.  

No additional hardware, cabling or power is required for PC/Mac viewing and channels can be from a wide range of sources - Freeview, Satellite TV with access to hundreds of channels from all over the world and lecture theatre cameras for live presentations. A web based management interface provides control of exactly which channels can be viewed at which points giving total control of your TV and video streaming system.  

The user interface is customizable with organisation branding and has a message board facility. The concept is taken a step further with options for screen based signage providing a practical and flexible medium for mass communication in a professional, high tech wrapper.  

For multi-site institutions, live content can be streamed between locations enabling closed-group broadcasting of key lectures and other live events. Video on Demand (VOD) provides access to a library of recorded content such as course lectures, reference and other learning material. It provides an individual service for users, allowing them to start, pause, fast forward and rewind the content as required. 
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