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With robust construction and operating over standard cat5e/6 cabling, self-contained preconfigured Klicktv IPTV and Klicktv hdmi over ip systems are reliable and quick and easy to deploy in temporary situations.
Both systems allow sources to be connected directly to the 19” rack mount system Headend or via cat5 cable up to 90M. Display screens are connected over cat5 cable up to 90M with a small line powered receiver with HDMI output for each screen. Both systems comprise robust Linux based appliances which restart automatically after power cycling.


A self-contained Klicktv IPTV solution enables the distribution of satellite channels with or without encryption from multiple satellites, local SD/HD sources from cameras, PCs or any video or HDMI source. Systems can be deployed over any geographical area with any number or sources and displays. Control of what is displayed on any screen is via the web browser of any PC/Mac connected to the self-contained network. There is the facility for monitoring of all IPTV equipment with a single page display of the status of all equipment.


A self-contained Klicktv hdmi over ip solution provides the functionality of a highly scalable digital matrix for the display of High Definition 1080P video and audio sources on multiple display screens over Cat5 cabling. Inputs can be any combination of DVI or HDMI sources with or without HDCP protection such as Sky receivers, PCs, Freeview receivers, media players, Blue Ray players, cameras or any HDMI source. The Klicktv hdmi-ip system features zero detectable latency and instant switching between sources.

The source displayed on any screen is selected by means of an easy-to-use web interface and there is a video wall option.

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We are IPTV distribution specialists and a long standing Exterity StreamForce Platinum Partner. Click here to explore our IPTV solutions.

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The Klicktv HDMI over IP system offers cost effective, large scale, high resolution, low latency video distribution over any distance cat5/ fibre with easy control more