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TV distribution for Government
Klicktv systems have been supplied to a number of UK Government departments for the distribution of live Freeview and satellite TV, Digital Signage and locally generated channels.  

A Klicktv IPTV system enables controllable widespread distribution of live TV and pre-recorded TV to many and dispersed viewing points. This can be done
to an unlimited number of viewing points over either your existing data network or a separate IPTV network. Separate TV cabling is not needed and pictures are displayed consistently in highest quality at every point. Wherever you have a data network outlet you can connect a TV or a PC/Mac which can display the channels you choose and control.  

Channels can be from a wide range of sources - Freeview, Satellite TV with access to news channels from around the world and meeting room cameras for secure closed-group broadcasting of proceedings. A web based management interface provides control of exactly which channels can be viewed at which points giving total control of your TV system.  

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Our Government clients include:

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government clients 2

Klicktv iptv 40

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Klicktv hdmi-ip 40


The Klicktv HDMI over IP system offers cost effective, large scale, high resolution, low latency video distribution over any distance cat5/ fibre with easy control more