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TV distribution for Healthcare
Whether your requirements are for straightforward Freeview TV and radio distribution over Cat 5e/6 cable to TV screens in patient rooms or for multilingual satellite channels, video on demand, control of channel access and centralised control of TV screens, a Klicktv IPTV system will meet your requirements.        

Klick IPTV  offers a highly featured, controllable, flexible and expandable solution free from distance limitations and provides access to live TV and on-demand video playback. TV and video are distributed as data streams over either your existing data network or a separate IPTV network to an unlimited number of viewing points. Wherever you have a data network outlet - patient rooms, communal areas, staff rooms - you can connect a TV.   

The user interface is customizable with organisation branding together with a message board facility. The concept is taken a step further with the addition of digital signage channels which provide a highly effective and practical medium for communication with a fresh, professional presentation.   

Video on demand enables you to offer patients an individual service, allowing them to select and control the playback of content they wish to view and a web based management interface provides control of exactly which channels can be viewed at which points and the facility to switch display screens on and off remotely giving total control of your TV system. 
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