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Benefit your business by providing controlled access to live TV News and events channels from around the world, live internal briefings, business critical operational information and access to your own library of video content for training and compliance purposes. Klicktv systems connect over cat5e/6 network cabling infrastructure to an unlimited number of TV or PCs/Macs screens and deliver hundreds of channels in highest HD quality.  

A Klick IPTV system distributes live TV and video over your existing LAN (Local Area Network) and has the capacity for an unlimited number of TV and PC viewing points, hundreds of channels with consistent as-broadcast quality and it shares the resilience of your data network. Wherever you have a data network outlet you can connect a TV or a PC/ Mac which can display the IPTV channels which you choose and control. The same system also allows you to deliver on-demand recorded content for training, reference and compliance purposes, and high quality digital signage channels providing the perfect tool for communication with staff and for imaginative marketing, projection of corporate image and publicity in public areas.  

Live briefings and market updates can not only be streamed over your local network but can be relayed over WAN links to remote offices for real time viewing at all locations in your organization. Separate TV cabling is not needed and office reorganizations are as quick and simple as patching a data network point - no more cabling with the attendant disruption, delays and expense.  

Enable scheduled recording of live TV programmes and consolidate your existing training, reference and compliance material to build a library of indexed content accessible at any time and at any viewing point. Individual video players, recorders, leads and DVD discs are replaced by a single reliable central network storage device making content available instantly at the click of a TV remote control or mouse button.  

If your requirement is simply to display Digital Signage content or replicate high resolution operational information across multiple large display screens the Klicktv hdmi-ipsystem provides full High Definition pin-sharp images on multiple screens at any distance. Screens are connected over your existing structured cabling with instant administrator control of sources displayed. There is also a video wall option.  


Klicktv hdmi-ip 40


The Klicktv HDMI over IP system offers cost effective, large scale, high resolution, low latency video distribution over any distance cat5/ fibre with easy control more


Klicktv hdmi-ip 40

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