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For Offshore applications Klicktv systems connect up to your TVRO installation and provide for a range of TV distribution requirements from a highly featured TV and media entertainment system for hundreds of screens to simple cost-effective Satellite, Terrestrial and DVD channels distribution to a more limited number of screens.

Gone are the limitations of coaxial cable based TV distribution systems - Klicktv systems only require a single Cat5e/6 cable to connect a viewing point.  

For a highly featured High Definition entertainment solution a Klicktv IPTV system distributes any number of terrestrial and satellite channels, video on demand, on screen messaging and information pages. There is the option for alarm system interfacing and capacity for hundreds of viewing points which can be any distance apart. 

Management of the system is preformed via the web browser of any network connected device meaning the system can be controlled and monitored from any global location. The list of channels distributed can be changed at will and different channel lists preconfigured for different global locations to suit local satellite reception. There is control of access to channels on a point by point basis and remote monitoring of received signals and the status of all equipment.  

Systems are built around Linux based appliances which are reliable, robust and secure. All equipment restarts automatically after a power down and there are various options for redundancy and resilience. Cabin equipment is packaged in rugged metal enclosures. 
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Our Offshore clients include:
Pacific Radiance
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We are IPTV distribution specialists and a long standing Exterity StreamForce Platinum Partner. Click here to explore our IPTV solutions.

Klicktv iptv 40