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TV distribution for Hotels

Whether it is a highly featured TV and media entertainment experience you wish to provide for your guests in their rooms or simply cost effective Freeview TV distribution, there is a Klicktv system to meet your requirements. 

To deliver the ultimate guest experience a Klicktv IPTV solution provides quality and choice in the form of Freeview TV and radio channels, the choice of hundreds of channels of multicultural satellite TV, pay per view TV and you own customised hotel TV channels for promotions and advertising all in stunning HD quality. With centralised control and monitoring you can see at a glance everything is working as it should be, automatically set guest room screens to display the Hotel TV channel at switch-on and guests access all features via an easy to use intuitive remote control handset.  

In their rooms your guests can enjoy individual control of their entertainment which can be enhanced with the addition of premium movie content, charged via the Hospitality Management System, with facilities to start, pause, fast forward and rewind at their discretion. You control the price charged per movie.  

In public areas, you can control your entertainment system from your back office PC to create an environment to suit the mood, event, time of day, audience and sales objectives by mixing live and recorded music, video, radio and TV. Create spaces that match the preferences of different groups of customers by setting individual entertainment and advertising play lists per display.  

An IPTV solution from Klicktv presents the opportunity to boost your revenue, reduce your support costs, improve quality and reliability and is installed without the disruption of new cabling.  

If your requirements for TV distribution are more straightforward - Freeview Terrestrial TV and radio and maybe a couple of hotel channels with promotions and advertising, consider the Klicktv video-cat5 system which provides a highly cost effective solution using a single Shielded Cat5e/6 cable to each TV screen. From the guest’s perspective it is the same as using a typical Freeview ready domestic TV with channel selection by remote control and your customised hotel channels listed in the EPG. 
Our Hotel clients include:

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We are IPTV distribution specialists and a long standing Exterity StreamForce Platinum Partner. Click here to explore our IPTV solutions.

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