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TV distribution for Schools
For schools Klicktv systems enable live and pre-recorded TV programmes and your own library of video teaching content to be accessible at classroom projectors, whiteboards, TVs and PCs. Add Digital signage screens in reception areas to display static or dynamic cycling content to project your school image, ethos, benefits and greatest achievements in support of your marketing efforts. Use digital signage screens in common areas such as dining halls and thoroughfares as a practical and flexible medium for mass communication. Update messages instantly and securely via the web browser of aPC.  

A Klick IPTV system distributes live and pre-recorded TV and video as data streams over your data network to an unlimited number of viewing points. Separate TV cabling is not needed. Wherever you have a data network outlet you can connect a TV or PC/Mac which can display the channels you choose and control from any source including Freeview Digital TV, multicultural and multilingual satellite channels from around the world.  

The addition of Video-on-Demand enables scheduled recording of TV programmes and local presentations, lectures and performances for archiving or live broadcast across your network. Record live TV programmes and transfer your existing recordings to build a library of indexed content accessible at any time and at any viewing point. Individual video players, recorders, leads and DVD discs are replaced by a single reliable central network storage device making content available instantly at the click of a TV remote control or PC/ Mac mouse button. Control of playback (pause, fast forward etc.) at the display point puts teachers in control in class lessons and allows individual students to learn at their own pace in PC based learning sessions. 

If your requirements for TV distribution are more straightforward - Freeview Terrestrial TV and radio and maybe a couple of additional satellite channels, consider the Klicktv RF over cat5 system which provides a highly cost effective solution using a single shielded Cat5e/6 cable to each TV screen. From the user’s perspective it is the same as using a domestic digital TV with channel selection by remote control and your customised channels appearing in the EPG. 
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Our School clients include:

st benedick's catholic high school

st benedick's catholic high school
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Klicktv iptv 40

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Klicktv iptv 40