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For the Financial Services industry Klicktv systems provide controllable distribution of any number of TV or satellite channels and high resolution data sources to any number of High Definition display screens at any distance with pin-sharp clarity. Our systems can be used to display market data, your own data, live news channels and live or prerecorded video presentations. Any VGA, DVI or HDMI source can be displayed in full HD with instant control of which source is displayed on which remote screen or monitor.

The Klicktv hdmi-ipsystem is the ideal solution for the cost-effective distribution of high resolution screen images from PC sources, satellite or terrestrial receivers, newswire feeds, web pages, market data and digital signage channels to multiple High Definition display screens. Screens are connected over your existing structured cabling with instant administrator control of sources displayed, zero detectable latency, visually lossless HDMI video quality and no audio sync issues. There is also a video wall option. The Klicktv hdmi-ip system accepts HDMI, DVI or VGA inputs.  

A Klick IPTVsystem distributes live TV and video over your existing LAN (Local Area Network) and has the capacity for an unlimited number of TV and PC/MAC viewing points, hundreds of channels with consistent as-broadcast quality and it shares the resilience of your data network. Wherever you have a data network outlet you can connect a TV or a PC which can display the IPTV channels of your choice. An IPTV system also allows you to deliver on-demand recorded content for training, reference and compliance purposes. Market data or your own data as displayed on a PC/MAC screen can be mirrored as a High Resolution IPTV channel streamed alongside other IPTV channels. IPTV channels can be derived in this way from the HDMI or DVI or VGA output of any PC or MAC. Digital signage IPTV channels can be added similarly by taking the HDMI or DVI or VGA output from a digital signage source.

Live briefings and market updates can not only be streamed over your local network but can be relayed over WAN links to remote offices for real time viewing at all locations in your organization.
A Klicktv IPTV system is highly manageable with a wide range of control such as which IPTV channels are available to different groups of users.

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   Financial services clients 4
Financial services clients 4

Klicktv hdmi-ip 40


The Klicktv HDMI over IP system offers cost effective, large scale, high resolution, low latency video distribution over any distance cat5/ fibre with easy control more


Klicktv iptv 40

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Klicktv hdmi-ip 40

Read a case study here