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TV and video over cat5 solutions
Structured Cabling schemes based on Cat 5, Cat 5e and Cat 6 cabling (generically known as UTP cable) are commonly installed to distribute voice and data services in the work place. Klicktv systems enable TV and video to be distributed over structured cabling as well, providing all the functionality of coaxial cable based Cable TV and SMATV distribution systems without the need to install coaxial cable.     

The simplest way to distribute Standard Definition TV over Cat5 is for the TV signals to be received and demodulated to baseband video + audio signals. For example, in the case of Freeview channels, the signal received by a TV antenna is processed by a Freeview Set Top Box (STB) to produce video + audio signals at its output. Several sets of video + audio signals derived in this way are input to a Klicktv Connect system which enables users connected over Cat5e/6 cabling links of up to 200M to select the input they wish to view.    

The Klicktv video over cat5 series products comprise a range of modular switch matrices with input/output configurations from 8x8 (8 inputs and 8 outputs) to 32x32. They can be stacked to build switching systems to support up to 96 users. At the viewing point a small AV receiver interfaces to the TV. Channel selection is by IR remote control and there is a "reverse path" facility which enables the centrally located source being viewed to be remotely controlled from the viewing point.

The Klicktv hdmi over cat5 system has a similar structure but handles full HD signals (including HDCP protection) with a maximum of 16 inputs and 24 outputs at 100M.    

The Klicktv hdmi over ip system can also be viewed as a highly flexible, controllable and scalable switch matrix which offers all the benefits of the Klicktv Matrix system but can be expanded to hundreds of inputs and outputs without distance limitations.    

The Klicktv RF over cat5 system receives the Freeview channel set via a conventional terrestrial aerial and distributes them to up to 60 Freeview ready TV receivers. It requires one screened Cat5e/6/7 cable per TV.    

The Klicktv IPTV system provides the ultimate flexible solution for TV distribution over cat5. Any number of TV channels can be distributed to any number of viewing points (which can be TV screens of PC/Mac screens). IPTV uses a separate or existing data network which connects over cat5 cabling. There is a high level of monitoring and control and the system is modular and can be expanded at any time to cover remote sites, add more channels and viewing points and add sophisticated recording facilities, video on demand playback, customisable interfaces and messaging facilities. 
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